Survival risk insurance

Survival risk insurance is a method of transferring the financial consequences associated with the risk that deaths occurring within a specified period of time in a selected group of insured lives will be less in number than the expected number of deaths or less in amount than the expected amount of death benefits paid. More particularly, one entity, the Coverage Recipient, can transfer a financial risk that the actual number of deaths or the actual amount of death benefits paid during a specified period relative to a selected group of insured lives will be less than the expected deaths or the expected amount of death benefits paid to another entity, the Coverage Provider, for the payment of an appropriate premium based on the method of this invention.

Method and system for managing a membership based health care program not utilizing primary care insurance

A system and method for managing an electronically-implemented membership based health care program without utilizing primary care medical insurance includes providing a health clinic having doctors to provide medical services to its members. An electronic database which may be connected to computer network manages member records, including a purchase arrangement by which services may be obtained. Enrolled members in good payment standing may receive primary care medical services from the clinic, including unlimited office visits. Clinic employees receive the medical services as an employee benefit. The clinic may be owned by another company not related to health care and having employees who also receive the medical services, the company paying the clinic according to the purchase arrangement. Neither the clinic nor its members utilize primary care insurance. The method results in dramatically decreased healthcare costs and higher effective employee compensation.

Systems and methods for providing insurance coverage to a customer

A method of providing insurance coverage to a customer comprising the steps of: (1) selling a debt protection contract to a customer; and (2) in response to the customer purchasing the debt protection contract, providing third-party-paid insurance coverage to the customer at no substantial cost to the customer. This may be done, for example, to avoid the need to have a licensed insurance agent available when the customer acquires the insurance product. In various embodiments of the invention, the debt protection contract may be, for example, a debt deferment contract or a debt cancellation contract.

Auction system and method for a life insurance secondary exchange

An auction-based system and method for a life insurance secondary exchange. Through a phased process that includes an information phase, a submission phase, an offer phase and a close phase, a life insurance policy may be submitted and sold by a policy holder to purchasing groups via a trusted advisor and broker. The policy information is received at a central location. Purchasing groups/providers are automatically notified when a policy is available for sale. If interested, the purchasing groups/providers pull further details on the policies they wish to review. The purchasing groups/providers then submit offers on the policies. The policy holder then determines whether an acceptable offer has been made, and sells the policy. If not, the policy may be efficiently re-auctioned.

Divorce insurance

This invention comprises a method of doing business involving providing Divorce Insurance individuals who may become parties of divorce ("dissolution" in some states) to protect them from financial difficulties as a result of a divorce, by providing one or more lump sum cash benefits.

Method and automated system for evaluating and trading insurance risk

Automated system used by an insurance carrier that is used by carrier for evaluating insurance risk and for setting optimal premiums for policies where the carrier's underwriters act as traders of the risk by relying on the system to determine whether to issue policies and to determine a range of appropriate premiums.

Systems and methods for automated processing and assessment of an insurance disclosure via a network

The present invention relates to methods and systems for automated processing and assessment of an insurance disclosure. One embodiment of the invention can comprise an automated disclosure processing application engine. The automated disclosure processing application engine can be adapted to receive health care-related information. Health care-related information, also known as a "disclosure," can include, but is not limited to, a medical claim, a precertification notice, prescription drug history, or any other information related to a medical or insurance claim for reimbursement or payment. Health care-related information can be received at any time, such as in real time, a predefined basis, daily, or on a less or more frequent basis. Health care-related information can be stored in a database, such as a AWAC.RTM. database. A portion of the health care-related information can be compared to at least one financial parameter. A portion of the health care-related information can also be compared to at least one clinical parameter. An output can be generated based in part on either the comparison with at least the financial parameter or the clinical parameter.


Systems and methods for facilitating the dispensing of insurance and of an insurance company selling insurance policies are provided, which may be network or Internet based, and may be managed through a general agent. Policy information from insurance companies may be received or stored. Data may be received from customers and insurance rates or quotes provided, which may be from competing companies. An instruction to purchase and payment may be received and proof of coverage, such as printing a document, may be facilitated. Data may be input directly by a customer or by an agent on behalf of the customer. The policy information, customer data, and premiums may be provided to the insurance companies. Insurance agents may advertise, and may refer customers from their own websites in exchange for commissions. The insurance offered for sale may be, automobile or specialty insurance, and may provide coverage in another country.

Method for actuarial determination of the cost of one-time procedural or professional liability insurance policy

A new business method involving the algorithmic use of data from a wide variety of sources to provide the actuarial information needed to accurately assess the exposure liability and risk probabilities associated with the performance of any specific medical (or other) procedure or service. The major factors include, but are not necessarily limited to, 1) the procedure, 2) the physician or individual, 3) the patient (procedure recipient), and 4) regional or geographic considerations. In the case of medical procedures, an algorithmic actuarial determination of a per-procedure, one-time application insurance policy specific to the procedure, physician, patient, and location of region (e.g., state, county, city, etc.), as well as any additional risk factors which my be applicable.

Methods, apparatuses and computer readable media for facilitating the creation of a forward contract for an insurance policy

The present invention relates to methods, apparatuses and computer readable media for facilitating the creation of a forward contract on an insurance policy.

Method for distributing insurance policy dividends

A method for distributing dividend monies from an insurance policy, such as a life insurance policy, to a policyholder. The method including the determination of an internal value for the insurance company's shares or other securities, offering the insurance company's shares or other securities to the policyholder at the internal value, and paying the dividend value in the form of the insurance company's or other securities at the internal value and best car insurance quote

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